Post COVD-19 Lockdown Protocol




We hope that you have all now come to terms with the new way of social life that has been foisted upon us by the ongoing pandemic.  We are mindful of the worries most folk have regarding returning to 'normal' Tango activities

Tango Newport hold their classes and Milongas/PracTeaLongas in Cosy Hall in Newport Shropshire and during these events are the sole occupants of the upper floor.  Therefore we are able to operate with the following protocol that complies with the Cosy Hall requirements, follows the relevant government guidelines and brings some measure of common sense to bear. We insist that all attendees have a Covid test on the day of the event; and only attend if the result in negative.  Please respect yourselves and all others who may attend and rely on you acting responsibly as well.

Tango Newport Protocol

As we will be the sole occupant of the top floor of the venue we will be operating as follows:

The top floor of the venue, including the stairway from the ground floor up, will be considered to be a 'Tango Newport Bubble'. Anyone making the choice to enter the bubble will be agreeing to the following:

  • They are not currently aware of being infected.

  • They are not currently feeling unwell.

  • They are willing to mingle with other folk that they find attending the event.

  • Wearing of facemasks is only a requirement whilst arriving at or leaving Cosy Hall as the ground floor may well be used by members of the general public who have not agreed to the 'Tango Newport Bubble' protocol.  Facemasks are not required to be worn inside the 'Tango Newport Bubble'; however should attendees wish to do so that is entirely at their discretion.

  • They will hand sanitise frequently.