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Beginners Classes for complete beginners that will 'get you dancing' quickly.  These are structured classes that feed into the other classes held at Tango Newport, and have proved very popular when we ran them for 4 years in Perth
Themed Practica and Free Dance

After the beginners class there will be a themed Practica which will be in the form of a free dance session/workshop where we suggest a 'theme' for you to practise and incorporate into your dancing if you wish.

You are encouraged to use the time from 8:30 to the close as a mid week practica with workshop guidance available if you want it.  This format is also ideal for 'Ladies Who Wish To Learn To Lead With Sensitivity' - without the pressure of a crowded floor.  We often use this session to pass on "Do's and Dont's" and tips to enable you to maximise your and your partner's pleasure at Milongas.